More and more horses are experiencing hoof problems, many of which could be avoided by following a balanced no shoe approach in hoof care. No Hoof, No Horse! No other statement could be truer! Correct hoof form, based on Mother Nature's design, goes a long way toward this. Subtle differences in trim methods can help restore hooves to their original healthy state. A graduate from The Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry I am able to provide your horse the highest quality of hoof care.

My aim is to balance the hoof without the use of shoes, trimming according to the center of articulation of the inner foot "dynamic balance".

Correct angles or concavity cannot be produced by the trimmer but only by the hoof itself as it grows in response to its environment, with the aid of trimming to supply what is lacking.

I provide professional hoof care supporting the development of a balanced, functional, and physiologically correct hoof without the use of shoes, whether your horse already has healthy hooves, or is starting from a compromised hoof form. I am experienced at adjusting trimming strategy to achieve your goals for your equine friend, to promote positive changes in hoof form and to promote soundness on challenging terrain.

Serving the greater Central Florida area:

Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia and Brevard Counties.

                Travel outside of these areas $0.30/mile.

Jason Stark, DAEP, MAEP

(321) 890 6033 - Phone or text