Trim $50 (Drafts $75) Includes Spectrum of Usability, gait analysis and treatment recommendations.


Shoes: $95 front, $165 set (Drafts front $125, $195 set) Our shoe of choice is the EasyShoe Performance.  A wide- webbed shoe with integrated frog support. The EasyShoe Performance Shoe allows for vertical flexion which allows the heels to move independently as the lateral flexion promotes expansion and contraction with every footfall.

Perfect Hoof Wear Poly Wrap Application 

Front/Rear $60, full set $120.

Research shows that three dimensional distortions are required for proper foot function. As the hoof goes through the various phases of the stride, pressures are exerted on the internal structures of the foot. It is the responsibility of the hoof capsule to protect and to act as a vehicle for the delivery of the stimulus needed for correct foot function. If the internal structures are weak, they cannot withstand the increased flexion a weak hoof capsule induces. Because the internal structures are responsible for producing the external structures of the hoof, there is no way that you can have a good hoof while still having poor internal health. The PHW allows us to create Dynamic Stabilization of the capsule, reducing flexion to a level that allows the internal structures to heal.